Inspired by a Child

Learning about life through the eyes of a child

My daughter’s been doing quite well with Hanukkah this year. I’ve been pretty good about getting her things that aren’t just junk and trying to figure out something where she’s able to learn something. Quite often the things she likes to do or play with are really simple and it’s more about our imagination. The [...]

I Can Draw It Myself by Dr Seuss is a coloring book that encourages children to draw their big something.  I was thinking today how independent my daughter is and always exploring things on her own.  It reminded my of a time when she was first able to express herself while trying to do something [...]

What Did Loonette Forget: A Book About Thoughtfulness by Gavin Jackson as you can guess is a book about thoughtfulness.  I was watching my daughter today as she was getting her inner nurturing on.  She put her bear in her stroller, made sure it was strapped in properly and she needed to push the stroller.  [...]