Inspired by a Child

Learning about life through the eyes of a child

When I was six years old, my grandfather suffered a heart attack while staying with us and spent some time in the hospital. My father borrowed a neighbor’s video recorder and the family filmed a get well video. It might be the only video that exists from before I was 15. This was 1982. In [...]

I’m a subscriber to Comcast cable who recently re-branded it’s product line as Xfinity.  I haven’t been the biggest fan of Comcast over the years but this latest upgrade is much welcomed.  I think one of the best things they did was rebuild the online tv listings grid as well as integrate this with my [...]

My daughter was watching the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode Foul Play in Funland yesterday.  The episode is about an operator who wants a fleet of robots to run his of an amusement park.  In the end, his sister foils the idea because she doesn’t think children shouldn’t operate a place for children.  I thought [...]