Inspired by a Child

Learning about life through the eyes of a child

About me

My name is Adam and I’m inspired by my daughter.  Seeing the world of a toddler really can make a difference in your life.  I don’t mean by the indescribable joy they bring to our lives but rather by looking at the lessons they learn.  Do adults always have to do the teaching?  Absolutely not.

Seth Godin, who has a brain the size of a planet, wrote about Childish vs. childlike.  I’d like to take you through a place where you, as an adult, can learn from what we teach our children.  Through books, music, movies and short stories there are lessons that we either didn’t know about or have simply forgotten.

Learning doesn’t have to be about reading long-winded material.  If there’s one thing that kids don’t have is a long attention span.  We’re all too busy to read but none of us should be too busy to grow.

These lessons apply in every aspect of our lives whether it is professional, personal and/or social.  Let’s all be inspired by a child.  I know I am every day.

If you have a particular story that inspires you, please contact me.  I’d love to turn it into a post.