I was playing with playdoh tonight with my daughter. I was making flat pieces and she was cutting them in ½ with a scissor. I found myself saying, “you’re cutting it in half and making 2 pieces.” So then I tried to explain fractions. I was thinking to myself that when you divide fractions there’s an inverse that happens and then you multiply and it’s really simple in my head. But I had no idea how to explain this or what it really meant.

So of course I did some research on dividing fractions.

I was a math minor in college. I can tell you about Fibonacci numbers but I can’t tell you the reason three “1/6th slices” fit into a “1/2 slice” of pizza? Fascinating.

It was nice to actually read up on something so simple that I took for granted. I’m looking forward to relearning core principles of my education when she starts Kindergarten next year.

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