I recently took the day off and planned a great day with my daughter. We had planned to go to the aquarium, have some lunch and then go to an indoor playground (make sure you read this whole article if you plan on going). I did some online searching and found a place that was between the aquarium and our house. Sounds great.

Fast forward to after lunch. It was borderline nap-time but the excitement of the indoor playground certainly kept my daughter up. Plus it was only about 2 miles from where we stopped for lunch. So I pull into the suburban strip mall to the colorful sign of Klimbing Kidz. Drive towards it and then see the sign – For Lease. There might as well been a moose outside saying, “Sorry folks, park’s closed.

Over the next 4 seconds I felt ever sort of negative emotion. I was pissed off because their website mentioned nothing of being closed, I felt horrible because I set my daughter up to be majorly disappointed, I felt angry with myself for not calling them first (we’ve reached a point where we just trust a website…why shouldn’t we?).

Then I heard the voice from the back, “Daddy, are we here.”

I felt awful.

I delivered the bad news that the store was closed. To a 3 year old, this was the end of the world and she of course had a complete meltdown. Part of that was her being tired and after about 10 minutes of driving, she passed out.

In all, we had a great day and I didn’t let this one minor hiccup ruin it. I certainly learned my lesson and will make more of a habit to call places first. Guess there are still things you really can’t trust until you talk to someone in person. I trusted other people with my daughters feelings a bit too much.

While I didn’t exactly drive across the country to find that the place was closed, in that moment of discovery, I felt just as disappointed for my daughter as Clark W. Griswold felt for his family. Has anything like this happened to you?

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