Do you remember this story, The Zax, about compromise from The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss?

How many times have you come to an impasse with someone or something that just really didn’t make any sense?  The original thing you were fighting for became secondary.  What was it you were even in an argument over?  Didn’t matter much, right?  No, it became about proving your point or trying to change the other persons mind.

When this happens, you sort of look like a Zax.  Whether you were a North-going Zax or a South-going Zax, matters none.  The important thing is to figure out a way to get past the differences or diffuse the situation.  There’s always another way around it.  The outcome might be difficult or something you don’t want but certainly to act like a Zax only makes it more painful.  It’s more than likely you’ll end up at the same outcome anyway in the end.

Here are some good resources for tips on compromising:

What situations have you been in that had you up against a Zax?

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