If You’re Happy and You Know It is such a playful song. You can make up any number of verses to keep the song going, too. Kids love to pick things to be happy about. Much to my daughter’s doing, I found myself singing – If you’re happy and you know it – sound like a hippo. Sound like a hippo? Since I couldn’t recall what a hippo sounded like, I asked her. She made some sorta noise that sounded like a tortured yak. Who cares, it was good fun and we laughed quite a bit.

Of course not every moment with kids is laughs and sunshine. They are people like all of us and sometimes things can be frustrating during different time periods of their lives. For most of us, being happy is a choice. This is one of my favorite quotes:

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou

It’s so simple yet so true. Did you ever find yourself wondering why people find it so necessary to complain so much on Facebook? Quite often those posts are about their kids, too. Outside of real chemical/behavioral issues, the adult/child relationship is reciprocal, just like any relationship. If you’re around a negative person then odds are you’re mindset will truly be impacted. It’s inevitable.

I remember a lesson from an internship I had in college as a computer support technician. My boss said to me on the first day, when you walk up to someone who’s having a problem, smile. It had nothing to do what the issue was or how I was feeling. It’s about bringing positive energy to a situation.

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Is there something specific you do to help guide an upset child? How do you find yourself reacting when a child is acting out negatively?

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