Green Eggs and HamGreen Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss is a staple in any house with children.  There are several great lessons in the book and today I’m going to talk about making excuses.  As today is the day before Thanksgiving, I asked my three year old daughter if she’s all ready to eat lots of turkey tomorrow.  She replied convincingly, “little girls don’t eat turkey.”

Obviously, little girls eat turkey but this got me thinking about how many times we say little white lies that we decide aren’t harmful as an excuse.  Now, my daughter was completely confident in how she delivered this message just as the unnamed character in Green Eggs and Ham professed he didn’t like green eggs and ham.  In this particular case, I knew her statement to not be true.  How many times do we confidently say made up things and think the other person doesn’t know any better?  In some cases the other person doesn’t know better which is how rumors start.

Your boss asks you to do something and quite frankly you would rather jam a letter opener in your eye.  So what do you say? Sure thing, I’d be glad to do that!

You get a gift that might be the most horrific thing you’ve ever seen.  So what do you say?  Thanks, this is really great!

Are those lies?  Fabrications?  Good ‘ol ass-kissing?  Cop outs?

While we all say these things at different times, the way my daughter said it really got me thinking about the meaning behind it.

These articles offer some interesting reading about telling lies:

Do you have rules for yourself to justify when telling a lie is OK?

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