Tonight for bedtime, I was reading Puff, the Magic Dragon to my daughter.  It’s a music/book combo and in the back cover there’s a case for the CD.  After paging through whole book, we arrived at the CD case.  My daughter said to me, “We need to watch the movie.”  I explained it wasn’t a movie but rather music that we’ve listened to before. Life went on in her world.

I immediately was back in 1986 when my father first bought a CD player. The visual I have is Billy Joel’s, The Bridge. When she sees a digital disc,  it’s a DVD.  I was then thinking of all the things that change over time and how important it is to be able to adapt.  As people, we like routine and stability. Most people hate the feeling of facing change.  Not being able to change though can be so damaging to any aspect of your life.

Nothing endures but change – Heraclitus

We work so hard to make things consistent for kids but is that more because of our own discomfort with having things different?  The reality is we can’t control the future as it relates to being happy or unhappy.  Way too many variables.  The best we can do is be prepared to handle change.  I think teaching kids to be more adaptable is a great gift.

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What things do you do to help encourage adaptability?  Do you find yourself a creature of (good or bad) habit?

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